Good communication is vital to the success of your business. Good business is no longer about the product or service alone, but about excellent customer care and attention and frequent communication.

The telephone is a business generator in its own right as well as being the essential tool for personal contact with your existing customers.

“More sales calls…lower phone bills!”

It may be that you make a large volume of sales calls and follow up calls…in which case, you’ll be looking for lower phone bills and itemised billing sent to you at your convenience and to your preference e.g. by e-mail, by post, on-line etc.

“Get the edge over the competition and get more customers…”

It may be that you want to attract more customers…in which case, you’ll be looking for a low cost option for your customers or a freephone number to give you the edge over the competition.

Either way, you’ll want to deal with a company that understands your business needs and helps you to achieve them as well as giving you the communications and marketing support you expect.

Who are our services for?

Linctel has the stability within the market and the experience to provide and deliver a top quality service with guaranteed consistency and reliability whilst remaining highly competitive with costs.

“We are committed to providing small and medium sized companies the premium service and features that have only been made available to the bigger corporations in the past… but at a much lower price!”

Price and choice are top of our agenda, but we are also proactive in sourcing and developing new services and products to meet the demand of the smaller businesses and the changing industry requirements. Our team of expertise extends beyond the telecommunications industry into effective business and marketing of SME’s and so our services, products and innovations reflect this.

“SME’s need the consistency of support and personal service and the stability of experienced, loyal suppliers to survive in the competitive markets of industry today.”

Here at Linctel, we understand the frustrations experienced by many businesses. As a smaller business ourselves, we understand the needs, concerns and ambitions of the small company and seek to bring the benefits of a modern telecoms service to this market.

In fact we make it a point to go out and ask what our customers and fellow SME’s expect from a communications provider so that we can make sure we deliver what is really missing from the telecommunications industry. This is what has shaped Linctel today and what has helped us survive and grow throughout the years where many others haven’t.

“Real personal service is what you can expect when you choose Linctel for your telephone, business and marketing needs.”

From the moment you call us, you won’t be presented with an automated response of options and press buttons that have no relevance to your call, you will speak to a real person! That ‘real person’ will take the time to listen to your specific business needs and will usually be the same person who gives you the answer you need. We can assure you that you will only ever deal with experienced professionals who know their business, and more importantly know how we can help yours.

Anytime you speak to a member of the team at Linctel, you will always receive a prompt, courteous and polite response to any enquiries you have. Our team will always keep you informed every step of the way from enquiry to connection, through to after care and ongoing support. We will also keep you informed of the latest developments within telecoms that we feel could give your business a boost.

Linctel’s services include: customer generating 0800 Freephone numbers; profile raising 0844 national numbers and 0845 local numbers; low cost outgoing telephone calls for both national and international calls; and an extensive range of web services including design, hosting, domain registration, e-commerce and web marketing.

“If you make the decision to give Linctel a try, you have the added assurance that you are GUARANTEED an optimum service and you won’t be tied into any fixed-term contracts….Linctel services provide a truly risk-free option for your business”

You only stay with us if you want to, for as long as you want to. We have the confidence that you won’t find a personal and tailored communications solution delivered to the same high standard anywhere else.

Should you decide to choose Linctel for your telecoms requirements, our aim to meet or exceed your expectations comes as standard.

If you have any questions please call 0800 652 3200 and ask for Simon or contact us online.