When you deal with most suppliers – who takes the risk? Very often you, the customer take all the risk! Here at Linctel we believe that, if we as a supplier have full confidence in what we are selling, then we should take the risk. To that end we have made all of our services completely risk free.

We only want satisfied, happy customers, it’s vital for you and it’s better for us so we give you the following guarantee:

0800, 0845, 0844 and 0330 Numbers

We do not charge any connection fees in advance. Neither do we tie you in to any length of contract. You connect to the service first and you only pay when you are happy with the connection and service. At any time within the first 3 months, if you find that the service is not appropriate for you, we will switch it off and give you a full refund of connection and/or annual fees – guaranteed! Even after the first 3 months, you can terminate the service at any time and incur no further cost.

Low Cost Call Service

There are no connection or rental costs associated with this service, just the cost of the calls you make. However, if you find at any time that the service is not right for you, we will switch it off on request. You need never feel tied in to any service you are not happy with.

Service Levels

Linctel is 100% committed to providing customers with a service unrivalled by others. We are so confident in our service and the support of our network of major carriers that we guarantee that you will receive a consistently high level of service and quality throughout the entire lifetime of your business relationship with us!

If you have any questions please call 0800 652 3200 and ask for Simon or contact us online and we will call you.