Linctel was founded in 1996 by John and Simon. Simon took over the business in 2017 to allow John and Barry (other director) to retire.

Simon comes from a network marketing and banking background and founded Linctel to provide reliable, cost effective and varied telecom services.

Twenty three years later Linctel enables businesses to track and redirect calls through a range of marketing numbers.

Linctel’s Mission has been to provide the best source of advanced 0800, 0844, 0845, 0330 and VGN Marketing Numbers.


Your telephone is one of the most the most important marketing tools in your business. It gives you the opportunity to win ever more business from even more customers, stand out from the competition and grab more of the market in an increasingly competitive world. Most importantly, your telephone allows you to communicate with your customers and keep them with you!

The Power of Marketing Numbers

Using telephone marketing numbers, such as 0800 freephone and 0845 local call, you can significantly increase the response to your advertising and provide great customer service by making it cheaper and easier for your customers to contact you.

Research has shown increased customer response of up to 300% (ref. Henley Centre & others). By getting greater response from every advertising pound spent you effectively reduce your cost of advertising and make it easier for potential and existing customers to contact you.

Telemarketing for your Profit

In addition you could more actively develop your telemarketing. By calling customers with regular offers and completing follow up calls you can dramatically increase revenue. Inquiries that are followed up with a call can generate up to three times more sales than those that are just sent information. Most customers appreciate you taking the time to keep in touch with their needs; it saves them time looking for supplies or services an keeps your brand in their minds.

More Business at Lower Cost

Linctel can help you achieve more business for less cost – just look at our rate comparison tables on each product page! For example, a five minute advertising response call to your freephone number costs a mere 25p – so that’s four new potential customers for a pound! Or you could make more than ten ‘special offer’ or ‘follow up’ sales calls for the same pound. How does FOURTEEN new sales contacts for just £2 sound? (That’s less than 20p each). Compare that with your current marketing costs!

“Cheapskates & Smart Cookies” Do It the ‘E’ – Way!

The most recent development in communications has been the E-Business Revolution – and it’s not just for big business or over-hyped dot.coms. Smaller businesses all over the world are finding that the low cost and massive reach of the Internet is giving them the same marketing advantage as their larger competitors.

We practice what we preach…

When we started up, in the years BE (before ‘E’), it cost us £30,000 to set up & equip our premises and about £25,000 per year, including marketing, to run it. In the year 1 AE (after ‘E’) it cost less than a tenth (£2000) to set up our website and around £500 a year to run it – including on-line marketing! After 2 years the website was bringing in MORE SALES than our conventional business at a tiny fraction of the cost! It could do the same for you.

Winner or Loser?

Many businesses, and that probably includes most of your competitors, look at their phone bills and worry about the cost! Winning businesses look at the terrific return on investment they get for such a modest outlay on such simple technology. Good communication doesn’t have to ‘break the bank’; it can and should, by applying a few simple techniques, give a massive return out of all proportion to the cost.

Working in Harmony

Linctel’s communication services are designed to work in harmony with one another throughout your business in a planned and co-ordinated way. We can provide you with a tailored solution, integrated seamlessly within your marketing strategy to help you to meet and exceed your Business Plan objectives with ease. (If you don’t have a marketing strategy, don’t worry, we can direct you to someone who can help)

Simple Technology

We incorporate ‘state of the art’ technology where appropriate, but not just for the sake of it. In fact we use technology to make life simple, not to complicate it! Above all we keep it simple and understandable for you and your staff to use – we handle all the ‘tricky stuff’ at our end. What’s more you are always just a short phone call away from all the help and support you need to make your communications really effective. Over 1000 small businesses now benefit from the ‘Linctel Effect‘ with minimal adjustment to their new way of bringing in more business.

No business is too large or too small to appreciate professional support in satisfying their communications needs, and we don’t mind how large or how small you are – you get the same high standard of attention you deserve from Linctel.

Give us a call, let us prove how we can help you to grow your business at far less cost than you might expect – guaranteed!

Call us FREE on 0800 652 3200 or request more information

History of Linctel

The telecommunications industry has come a long way since de-regulation in late 1994. From a duopoly consisting of British Telecom and Mercury (now Cable & Wireless), the market has expanded to encompass hundreds of smaller competitors. The result has been falling prices and a widening range of services – good news for you, the telecoms consumer. Services such as freephone, which were previously considered a premium service for major companies, have now been made available and affordable to even the smallest “one man band” business.

Linctel was founded at the dawn of the true de-regulation of telecoms services in January 1996, and as a result was in an excellent position to capitalise on the opportunities that lay ahead in this fast moving industry. Unlike many of our competitors who focus only or mainly on Big Business, we have set out from day one to bring the best value quality telecoms services to the huge army of smaller businesses on whom the future economy of this country depends.

As a smaller business ourselves, we understand the needs, concerns and ambitions of the small company and seek to bring the benefits of a modern telecoms service to this market.

Linctel’s services include Customer Generating 0800 Freephone numbers under the Free Linc brand name, Profile Raising 0844 National numbers and 0845 numbers as well as Low Cost outgoing telephone calls, for both national and international calls under the brand name of Linc Save.

Linctel is run on a day to day basis taking full advantage of technology to deliver a seamless service for our customers. All Linctel’s databases and billing platforms are the product of in-house development, minimising reliance on outside support.

Should you decide to choose Linctel for your telecom requirements, our aim to meet or exceed your expectations comes as standard.

If you have any questions please call 0800 652 3200 and ask for Simon or contact us online.