FREE AT LAST: From 1 July 2015 calls from mobile phones to 0800 numbers became FREE!apply for freephone number

In the past 0800 Freephone numbers were expensive, but not any more. And they are very easy to set up. Simply tell us (using the electronic order form) what land line number (referred to as “target number”) you would like to take your freephone calls on, and we will set it up for you.

To see what an 0800 number could do for your business take a look at the benefits.

  • An 0800 Freephone number attracts more enquiries
    (up to 2 or 3 times as many according to some research)
  • Enhances your image with customers
  • Gives your business an edge over competitors who do not have an 0800 number
  • Research indicates up to 85% of customers will use an 0800 freephone number in preference to paying for a call
  • Encourages customers to place sales orders by freephone, or by free-fax saving time on the phone
  • Tracks responses to your advertising – so you know which ads work and which don’t!
  • Display them on your website to encourage direct customer interaction

How does it work?

Standard Freephone Service

Your 0800 freephone number allows your prospective customer to call you FREE of charge – you pay for the cost of the call – a small investment to gain a new customer or keep existing customers happy. When your customer places a call to your 0800 freephone number, our network sends the call straight to your chosen telephone number (known as the “Target Number”). You simply answer the call as you would normally.

There is no need to change the way you work – just use your 0800 number in place of your normal number to promote your business and see the number of replies increase!

Our standard 0800 numbers are just £5 per month before VAT, which include several minutes of calls dependent upon routing.

From March 2018 our new direct debit facility is available —–>>>> <<—– just click the link to sign up, and save us both time and money.

Old 0800 849 xxxx numbers will now be charged at least 6p per minute following their huge rise in their prices to us.

Virtual Office Freephone Service Option

(Existing customers – The link for logging on has changed in 2019 – drop an email out and we’ll send you the new link)

Now also available with our Virtual Office option:

  • Now you can take your 0800 calls on any UK fixed line – or route them to staff or colleagues, all at no extra cost
  • Take your freephone calls at the office, at home, at your club or anywhere you have access to a phone – never miss another important call!
  • Caller announce – so you know who is calling your 0800 number
  • Route calls to up to 4 lines at any time and change routing numbers at will via a simple web interface
  • Separate call profiles for working hours, out of office hours and emergencies
  • Includes phone book as well as “Red & Green” callers lists – decide whose calls you take & whose you don’t!
  • Call stats give you details of all your 0800 calls via your web control panel, including missed calls
  • Voicemail included as standard, recorded messages are sent to your email inbox
  • No equipment needed, it is all handled remotely
  • A complete business call centre for peanuts!

Compare Our Virtual Office Prices

0800 Virtual Office
FREE Connection
Only £10 per month Subscription
FREE per second billing
FREE 200 minutes of calls per month
Just 5p per minute (after free minutes)
Minimum call charge only 1p
NO minimum contract
*All prices exclude VAT

This is a great opportunity to raise your business profile and increase your enquiry rate from potential customers. Currently only about 20% of the UK business market use an 0800 number. The figure in the USA is over 90%! A freephone number is becoming an essential marketing tool, so stay ahead of your competitors.

apply for freephone number