As a business customer have you noticed how complicated telephone charges are becoming these days? 5% discount for this, 10% off for that, pay less for your ten best numbers, tariffs dependent on call volume etc. Are you paying a call setup charge for every call you make, even before you start paying for the call time? You need to be a mathematical genius to figure out what you should be paying!

Well, not any more! Linctel believe things should be much easier and cheaper – especially in these hard times. One simple, low cost tariff plus simple access. No call setup charges, no gimmicks, no ifs, no buts. Just lower phone bills for all.

How Big is Your Local Call Area?

With Linctel it’s the whole of the UK. Call anywhere in UK for just 1.5p per minute (that’s less than some carriers’ local rates). Call anywhere in the world for a lot less than our major competitors. For example:

  • UK (anywhere) – 1.5p per minute!
  • Australia – 2.5 pence per minute
  • Eire – 2.5 pence per minute
  • France – 2.5 pence per minute
  • Germany – 2.5 pence per minute
  • USA – 2.5 pence per minute

The above prices exclude VAT and apply to normal business hours, 08:00-18:00 Mon-Fri. Outside these hours we reserve the right to charge less!

What’s more you don’t need to leave BT, or change your number, or put new lines in, or change your equipment, or add new equipment.

How do I use it?

Simple, we use “Carrier Pre-Select” (CPS for short) to tell BT to route your calls across our network. Call routing then takes place at the BT exchange with no effect on your calls – you just pay less! We bill you for your calls, BT takes care of your telephone line so you still get normal fault support. You don’t change any equipment or telephone numbers unless you choose to.

Alternatively, if you prefer, we can also take over your line rental via BT’s Wholesale Line Rental (WLR for short). This means that we will bill you for both line rental and calls, including any special services such as call divert, call minder etc. We will also take over responsibility for fault support etc.

The Big Boys made huge profits in previous years. If you want to give them more don’t bother filling in the electronic order form. On the other hand, if you want a smaller phone bill with easier to understand charges, just apply for a Linc Save account now.

If you have any questions please call 0800 652 3200 and ask for Simon or contact us online.

OFCOM Fixed Line Consumer Protection Information

The Telecoms Regulator, OFCOM has provided advice and information for consumers and small businesses when changing fixed line telephone provider. You can view their advice here: OFCOM Consumer Advice (opens in a new window)

Linctel Ltd fully supports OFCOM’s efforts in this respect and fully complies with General Condition 24 on Sales and Marketing of Fixed-Line Telephony Services which can be downloaded here