apply for freephone numberDo you want to have a local presence in another part of the country but without the cost of a local office?

Do you have an 0800 or 0845 number but are concerned about the costs of calling you from a mobile phone?
Here at Linctel we have the solution.

Virtual Geographic Numbers (VGNs)

A VGN looks the same as any ordinary telephone land line number:- but it has the same routing flexibility as an 0800 number.

The big plus is that a VGN is recognised as a land line number by the mobile networks and will be bundled in with a call plan.

Calls to 0800 numbers from a mobile are not free. Calls to a VGN will be part of a bundled package and will cost no more than their normal landline calls.

So, why not have a VGN with an STD code of your choosing* routing direct to your sales or customer support line in addition to your freephone number?

Regionalise your business with a VGN

For example, a London 020 VGN routing to Manchester would give the Manchester business a perceived presence in London.

For more local marketing, you could have a range of neighbouring STD code VGNs routing to your central office. Ideal for your local business catchment area.

To see what a virtual geographic number could do for your business take a look at some of the benefits.

  • Your business appears to be local to the customer
  • Cheap to call from a mobile phone
  • Gives your business an edge over competitors who do not have a ‘local’ number
  • Tracks responses to your advertising – so you know which ads work and which don’t!

Remember, callers to your VGN number will be charged at the same rate as to any 01/02 number on a Mobile network or landline calling plan.

If you already have an 0800 number, why not have an additional VGN? Publicise both numbers and your customers have the choice to call either your 0800 number, or your VGN if they use a mobile regularly, at no additional cost per call to yourself.

Remember, VGNs have the same flexibility of routing as 0800 or 0845numbers.

What is the cost of a VGN?

£2 per month per number which includes the first 40 minutes, and 5ppm for any additional minutes used.**

Compare Our Prices**

Virtual Geographic Local Numbers
FREE Connection
Only £2 per month Subscription
FREE per second billing
FREE 40 minutes of calls per month
Just 5p per minute (after free minutes)
Minimum call charge only 1p
NO call connect charge
NO minimum contract

* Subject to availability
** All prices subject to VAT

This is a great opportunity to raise your business profile and increase your enquiry rate from mobile phone users and customers local to your VGN STD area. Currently very few businesses have caught on to the benefits of virtual geographic numbers, why not give your business a competitive edge?

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apply for freephone number

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