Your Customers Call Toll Free in UK – You answer in USA or Europe!

Are you based in USA or Europe and want to do business in UKwithout the cost of a UK office? Linctel’s specialist experience in “Non-Geographic Marketing Numbers” within UK has now been extended to USA & Europe.

We are now able to supply UK toll free (0800) numbers to American and European businesses. Instead of connecting to a UK telephone, these numbers connect directly to your phone in your office anywhere in USA or most of Europe.

Now you can market your products and services in UK and offer a UK phone number for response. Your UK customers call as if it’s a UK number – so there is no hesitation in calling you. But you receive the call right in your usual office back home!

Full details of these services are available by calling our International desk: +44 1522 887799
or contact us online and we will get right back to you.